The presence of pests is a serious household or business issue. People are looking for safe and effective ways to get rid of infestation. We know how hard it is to deal with pests and we want to help by providing the best solutions available.

We started offering residential and commercial pest control services in 2008. Since then, Edge Pest Control has experienced substantial growth. We owe our success to our loyal customers, and our talented staff who works hard to meet and exceed expectations. Our company is now the best pest control option for home and business owners in Denver, Colorado. We have extended our reach by opening branches in different locations, such as Austin TX, Kansas City KS, and Salt Lake City UT.

Our Goal

We aim to help our clients eliminate pests from their properties so they can live without worries. We specialize in pest control, management, and extermination. We’re dedicated to serve all your pest control needs and make every experience you have with our company a positive one.

At Edge Pest Control, results matter – and that’s what we provide. Browse the entire website to learn more about us and call (866) 529-0864 to get a free quote on our residential or commercial services.

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