Destruction Has Never Been Cuter


  Voles. If you’ve heard of them, you’ve probably had them. If they sound like some super rodent from a pest control technician’s comic book, that’s because they kind of are. Don’t let their size fool you. Voles may be small, but they are a force to be reckoned with. WHAT IS A VOLE? Voles are […]

Here’s How To Send Hungry Ants Packing


  Let’s start this off with a bang: The National Pest Management Association conducted a survey asking pest management professionals what kinds of places they’re most often called to deal with and service ants. The results? Eighty percent responded: single-family homes. The kind of home you probably live in. Whether it’s the fire ant, the odorous […]

But Does The Bee Actually Die?

It hurts. It’s unexpected. It’s possibly terrifying if you’re allergic. A bee sting turns a day at the lake or an afternoon at the park sour. And whether it was a sugary soda that attracted it, or you just were in the wrong place at the wrong time, all that seems to matter is revenge. […]