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5 Things To Know About Lawn Care

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5 Things To Know About Lawn Care

A healthy lawn is something you probably want to have, but haven’t had the time to get out and do yourself. But is it really worth hiring a service to do it for you? We think so. It’s not just “taking care” of your yard, after all.

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Here are 5 things you need to know

  1. Consistency
    One-time shots or an a la carte approach doesn’t work in lawn care. Your yard needs to be fully treated and addressed on a consistent, thorough basis; not partially when you have the time. Pick a company that wants to get you the best results and is picky about which products they’re using on your lawn. When it comes to taking care of your yard, “kind of good” doesn’t cut it.
  2. Science
    Make sure they’ve got the recipe down to a science. Your lawn needs a balanced blend of vitamin minerals to nourish your grass and roots, nitrogen to enrich your soil, and iron to make it greener. A perk to having good lawn care service is the equipment they have to make short work of the application process. No more hours of walking around, hand-spraying your entire lawn with a dozen different mystery products.
  3. Research
    You probably know to take liquid capsules or tablets for medicine. Liquids take action faster and dissolve quicker, while tablets or granules last longer and slowly release over time. Along with industry leaders, our research shows that granules last the longest when fertilizing lawns. On top of that, liquid-based products for nutrients on your lawn saturates better and yields the highest results. Your lawn just likes both, and your lawn guy should be ok with that.
  4. Proactivity
    Pre-emergent weeds are tiny monsters waiting to sprout up and ruin your day. The yard doesn’t need weeds, it needs a plan to treat what’s growing and stop what’s already there. As part of your service, make sure your lawn service is treating your lawn for both pre-emergent and sprouted weeds. Weeds are unwanted zits on the handsome face of your lawn. Getting them treated is going to make you much happier than you having to pull them out.
  5. Re-service Guarantee
    Green is good, and a guarantee is better. The outdoors can be unpredictable, and with your lawn being outside, anything can happen. A service, like grass takes time to grow and flourish. So while you’re having your lawn taken care of, make sure you’ve got your service on-call to answer any questions or help with whatever might come up. There’s no point in taking care of your lawn if you don’t get a green lawn and great results. Make sure your company gets you both.


A lawn care service is the way to go, but you need to know exactly what you’re going to get from it. The different kinds of treatments performed, the products that go into your lawn, the right mixtures and amounts prepared, the application process, the expertise, and the guarantees, all need to be top notch.

Check reviews, do your research, and when you’ve got your service going, be patient and ready for fantastic results.

Get a coupon for your preferred service emailed to you

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