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5 Things To Know About The Pest Control Industry

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So you’ve decided that the pests are getting to be a bit much.

They’re not out of control, but want to make sure it doesn’t come to that. Good call, pests have a way of exponentially getting out of hand if left unchecked. Now the question is, who do you hire to do it?

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There are tens of thousands of pest control companies all over the world saying essentially the same things about what they’ll do for your home. Choosing who to hire is tough if you don’t know much about the industry…

So here are 5 tips about the pest control industry that you should know before you sign up:

  1. One Time Treatments Don’t Fix the Problem
    For most pests, getting a one-time treatment has a quick impact on the visible, active pests but won’t completely solve the problem. Pests lay eggs, and those eggs are protected and well-hidden. Killing off the visible pests does nothing to the incubating eggs, so pests will eventually return.About every expert agrees, recurring services are the best way to ensure control over pests in and around your home. If you’re going to invest in a service, do it the right way with a regular quarterly service program.
  2. Your Pest Control Company May Sell Out
    This may come as a surprise to some, but a popular business model for pest control companies is to build up a large base of customers by offering amazing front-loaded deals, then sell them off wholesale to a larger corporation and cash out. This isn’t a sustainable business model for the long run, and it leaves you, the customer, in a bad spot.If you’re caught up in a batch sell-out, your contract may be modified, your service may be changed, and your home may ultimately not be taken care of the way it was supposed to be.
  3. Don’t Do DIY
    Do not try to take on pest problems by yourself, no matter how easy a Youtube tutorial makes it seem to be.That may seem like an expected thing for a pest control company to say, as our business is doing people’s pest control. The reality is that professionals have the proper tools to efficiently and effectively eliminate your pest problems. In some situations, pests pose a health hazard or can be actually dangerous to handle (wasp nests, bees’ nests, venomous spiders, scorpions, etc).. Do not waste your time, money and energy on DIY solutions. Hire an expert to take care of your pest problems for you.
  4. Pest Control Isn’t a Magic Wand
    As stated before, pests come back. That’s the reality of it. They were here long before we decided to plow their dirt and drop houses on top of them. Your home may be given the all-clear after an infestation, but that doesn’t mean that pests won’t find their way back! Insects and rodents will come in uninvited any chance they get. Stay vigilant and set up regular treatments with your pest control professional.
  5. Do Your Part
    The fact of the matter is you will have better results if you help out. The job of your pest control professional is to exterminate the pests you already have, set up initial pest proofing systems and inform you of prevention methods. But if you’re still leaving sugar on the counters, food on the floors, or letting your landscaping build up along the house, you’re creating situations that invite pests in. Things like directing water from downspouts away from your foundation or repairing a screen will help you prevent future pests to enter your home. If you want your home to remain pest free, be sure to closely follow all recommendations.

Get a coupon for your preferred service emailed to you

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