Halloween’s Creepy, But…


Halloween is just around the corner (is this where we jump out and yell, “boo”?) and the signs of this spooky season are starting to appear everywhere. From images of ghosts, ghouls and goblins making appearances, to Jack-o’-Lanterns on doorsteps popping up on every porch. Halloween gives everyone the chance to costume up as their favorite characters, […]

Move In Or Move On?


Do you love moving? Probably not. According to MovingLabor.com, peak moving months in the United States start on May 25th, and end on Sept. 6th. And while the peak months have passed, homes are still being bought and sold all throughout the year. In fact, moving companies, closing fees, and other subindustries in the moving […]

The Diseases Your Pests Carry


No surprises here: pests can spread disease. On top of not paying rent, certain pests living around your home can pose a problem just by their presence, making them all the more unwelcome. So the question is: which of them actually cause health problems? We decided to put together a list of the 5 top […]

This Fall, They’re Coming…


Crisp air, piles of leaves, and football season… Friends, the fall season is fast approaching. As the warm weather begins to run the end of its course, colder nights will eventually set in. Soon, we’ll start wanting to spend more time indoors where it’s warm. It only follows that pests, too, will want to stay warm […]

The Roommates You Didn’t Know About


Let’s call it like it is: if you have a house, you probably have spiders.   They may be living in your basement, floorboards, attic, windowsills, or even inhabit your houseplants. But despite their reputation as outdoor pests that “randomly” appeared inside, most of your indoor spiders likely haven’t wandered into your home: Our houses are […]

11 More Surprising Bug Facts


DID YOU KNOW? We’re back with 11 More Surprising Bug Facts… And to be honest, #8 made our skin crawl. Bugs live literally everywhere and have developed incredible technologies to build their homes, catch their prey and survive any environment. In fact, for all we know about pests, entomologists are still discovering new things about […]

Spring’s Great, Bugs Aren’t.


Spring is upon us, and as temperatures rise outside, bugs start to thaw out and wake up. Because we like you, we’re sharing the latest bunch of Spring prep tips from our pest operations team, in anticipation of the oncoming wave of pests.“Bugs are thawing out? I thought the winter killed them off.” A common misconception […]

11 Surprising Facts About Bugs


DID YOU KNOW? At Edge, we know bugs, and we know how you feel about them. They’re persistent, uninvited guests with way too many legs. But they’re also fascinating. Over years of working with them, we’re still constantly amazed by the resilience and innovation of pests, as well as the untold merits of beneficial bugs. […]

The Good, the Bad, the Dangerous: Identifying Common House Spiders


Fall is a season when the cooler weather often forces us to get inside a little bit more than we did in the summer. Unfortunately the same cooler weather also forces some unfriendly pests to come inside as well, including many spiders. If you are starting to find some of these creepy, crawly pests inside […]