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Halloween’s Creepy, But…

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Halloween is just around the corner

(is this where we jump out and yell, “boo”?)

and the signs of this spooky season are starting to appear

From images of ghosts, ghouls and goblins making appearances, to Jack-o’-Lanterns on doorsteps popping up on every porch. Halloween gives everyone the chance to costume up as their favorite characters, monsters, and princesses.

And while many of these celebrated Halloween characters are fictitious,

there are many creepy-crawlies that actually do roam around with us. 

If we’re being honest, some customers of ours would rather meet Frankenstein in a dark alleyway than some of the pests EDGE treats for.
We at EDGE thought we’d compile a list of the

top 3 creepy pests and even include tips on how to keep them at bay, this Fall.

  • Bats – Many people don’t mind them, but for some, these are considered winged terrors.
    Bats appear in spooky tales centuries old, the most famous of which is Count Dracula, who transforms into a bat.
    But in addition to giving us the creeps, bats can also be a real nuisance. Make sure to screen openings in your home, like your chimney, as it will keep them from finding their
    way in.
  • Spiders – We unflinchingly declare that spiders are one of the most widely shared phobias on the planet,
    and can be straight up gross. Homeowners should be careful when disturbing or moving items that have been stationary for a long period of time. Keeping an area, like a shed or garage, organized and clutter-free can also help reduce spider encounters. In the end, a pest control service like EDGE will be your best option for total control.
  • Rats – We say rat, and you think of things like damp underground tunnels, cold and sinister laboratories, and musty sewers, right? But the reality is that  rats are actually a genuine threat and pose a real health issue.
    From the spread of disease to gnawing through wires in vehicles or homes, these are key pests to keep out of your home. If you start noticing droppings or chewed wires, give us a call. They’re not to be trifled with, no matter what season we’re in.



If you’re noticing pests or rodents around the home, who you gonna call?

(The answer is EDGE, not Ghostbusters…just so we’re clear).

EDGE provides both residential and commercial services including: Pests, Lawn, Mosquitos, Rodents, Fleas & Bed Bugs.

Click HERE to talk to an EDGE expert today. 

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