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NEWS FLASH: We Like These Bugs

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Often we focus so much on the non-beneficial, nasty pests that we don’t give a nod to the harmless, fascinating bugs we share this planet with.

Really, given that pest control is what we’re all about, some could assume that we don’t like bugs at all. Truth be told, it’s actually the opposite: we find them fascinating.

As experts in the pest control industry, we’ve come to understand two things for sure:

You need to know your enemy to defeat your enemy
All bugs are not your enemy.

Take lightning bugs, for instance. Summer wouldn’t be summer without fireworks, lemonade, swimming at the lake, and fireflies.

So, to celebrate this special time of year,

here are some interesting facts about this extremely cool insect:

They’re Lovers, Not Fighters

Their flashes aren’t necessarily random, and help them actually communicate with potential mates.
Their method is sort of like winking across a crowded room, if winking across a crowded room included a spectacular light show and worked out in favor of the winker.

They’re Not Flies

You don’t consider a butterfly to be a fly, right? In the same way a butterfly isn’t a fly, a lightning bug isn’t either. Though we sometimes call them “fireflies,” they’re actually a part of the beetle family.

They Don’t All Glow

Some species of lightning bugs have no “lightning” flashing abilities whatsoever. Bummer, for those guys, right? Fireflies are typically found in the more western part of the country, with some migratory variations, depending on the year and winter.

They’re Brilliant Chemists

Not only is the luminescent firefly’s glowing posterior (or lantern) the result of a 3-part chemical reaction, it also creates the most efficient light on the planet by using nearly 100% of that reaction’s energy as light. Fancy.

They Can Eat…Or Not

Lightning bug larvae are carnivorous and eat snails, worms and slugs. During their short adult lifespan of about 21 days, some eat other fireflies, some survive on pollen and nectar, while others don’t eat anything at all.

Some Are Performers

Synchronous fireflies are the only species in America that have the ability to synchronize their individual flashing pattern with their peers into types of patterns. While you may not be able to detect any kind of pattern or consistency amidst all the flashing, know that they’re making them everywhere. 

Lightning bugs are likely on your list of insects you don’t mind. But for every harmless and fascinating bug, there’s another that can be a real pain to have around the house.

So remember, if you’re being bugged, you know who to call.


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