Halloween’s Creepy, But…


Halloween is just around the corner (is this where we jump out and yell, “boo”?) and the signs of this spooky season are starting to appear everywhere. From images of ghosts, ghouls and goblins making appearances, to Jack-o’-Lanterns on doorsteps popping up on every porch. Halloween gives everyone the chance to costume up as their favorite characters, […]

The Roommates You Didn’t Know About


Let’s call it like it is: if you have a house, you probably have spiders. They may be living in your basement, floorboards, attic, windowsills, or even inhabit your houseplants. But despite their reputation as outdoor pests that “randomly” appeared inside, most of your indoor spiders likely haven’t wandered into your home: Our houses are their […]

Here’s How To Send Hungry Ants Packing


  Let’s start this off with a bang: The National Pest Management Association conducted a survey asking pest management professionals what kinds of places they’re most often called to deal with and service ants. The results? Eighty percent responded: single-family homes. The kind of home you probably live in. Whether it’s the fire ant, the odorous […]

Spring Might Stink… Here’s Why


Spring is springing up everywhere. Little dirt piles are appearing along sidewalks as ants wake up and start making new tunnels. Tiny spiders are floating around, having the ride of their newborn lives (a process called ‘ballooning’, if you were wondering). And of course, small stinkbugs are starting to walk through the freshly green grass, looking […]

5 Reasons To Never Do Your Own Lawn


5 Reasons To Never Do Your Own Lawn Spring is the most optimal time of year to prep your yard. The best time to start lawn treatments and preparation is in the Spring, and as we’re already hard at work on our customers’ lawns, you deserve to know the big reasons behind having a service do it […]