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Servicing Season: Year-Round

Edge is dedicated to making sure your flea problems are gone for good. We will do an initial treatment followed by an second treatment 29 days later. After that, we will do a treatment every 3 months to ensure you will be protected.

They’re small. They’re hungry. Their vertical makes any basketball player green with envy.

Fleas are just no good. They can enter your home riding in pet fur, hidden in furniture, and even on grass stain-covered kids. We know what makes fleas tick (pun intended), and we know how to get rid of them for good. Our approach is tried and tested, not to mention guaranteed. Ready to stop getting bit?

Edge Flea Service Breakdown

  • Edge Service Specialist

    Our highly trained and qualified professionals customize your pest service to your property.

  • Complete Flea Inspection

    We inspect your home to determine your precise needs.

  • Professional Pre-Service Prep

    We guarantee every aspect of our service, if you have any concerns just give us a call.

  • Edge Flea Guarantee

    We guarantee every aspect of our service, if you have any concerns just give us a call.

  • Insect Growth Regulator

    Using an IGR helps reduce the number of viable eggs a flea is able to lay and interrupts the reproduction cycle.

  • Insecticide with ICAP Technology

    iCap Technology has a hard outer shell that is lipophilic (fat-attracting) which means it only sticks to the flea’s waxy cuticle.

  • Professional Proven Products

    Pets and people aren’t pests, so we won’t be treating for them. We use the best products available, allowing you to be in your home during the service.

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