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Lawn Care


The best lawn care for your world.

Love your yard. Spend every moment enjoying it. We offer one complete lawn care package that will keep your lawn looking beautiful.

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Service within 24 hours

Get service when you need it. No more waiting days to get what you need now. 90% of our customers are serviced the same day they order, and we guarantee service within 48 hours.

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All-inclusive service

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It just works.

Trained and Qualified

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Our Service Specialists are QualityPro Accredited, and we have Associate Certified Entomologists on staff.

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Customer Care

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We have a trained Customer Care department that is waiting by the phone to answer any questions. Speak to a real person in seconds, with no automated phone tree. Call them anytime Mon–Sat 7am–7pm MST.

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World-class Lawn Care

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Our methods are tried and proven. We use only the highest-quality products and technology available so you can enjoy your home.

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Complete Inspection

We analyze climate, soil conditions, root health, weed potential, water conditions, and grass type to determine your lawn’s precise needs.

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Edge Guarantee

We guarantee every aspect of our service, and promise that your lawn will reach its full potential.

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We use the best products available, which includes our slow-release nitrogen based formula to ensure optimal lawn health.

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Going Green

Our iron-based formula strengthens your lawn, gets it green and keeps it green.

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Micro-Nutrient Pack

Our nutrients go deep into the grass root system to produce the highest quality turf possible.

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Targeted Weed Control

Our weed treatment and pre-emergent formula frees up your lawn to grow and reach its optimal state.

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Grub Control

Your Service Specialist will frequently inspect your lawn to keep grubs from killing large patches of turf.

Our Superior Service

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You've worked hard to make your house a home. Our experts have crafted a superior service so you can focus on things that matter.

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer H. | Edge Utah Central

Great! I am very happy with my results in such a short period of time! Pest control and revitalize my lawn.

Beth W. | Edge Chicago

Irvin came on time and explained everything that he would apply to the lawn in my backyard. I agreed to it and he quickly did his job. He presented himself quite well and was very good at explaining the product and also at answering my questions. This was only the first treatment of 5 so I will have to wait to see how much greener my lawn will be :-) (Thus the 4 stars. Hope to make it 5 as my grass becomes weed free) I did enjoy Irvine’s and professionalism and charming personality.

Morgan V. | Edge Utah

Very Professional Staff and Customer Service, Best products used with services. I have both the Lawn and Pest Care and I would recommend both to everyone. I have been with Edge Pest Control for over 7 years now and I have tried other services. Edge is BEST By far.

Barbara R. | Edge Denver

We have had Edge Pest Control for the house for about 7 years, including two houses we lived in during that time. We now have their lawn care service as well and we feel confident that service will be just as good as our other service.

Tim M. | Edge Utah

I have both pest and lawn service, this is an excellent company. Techs are very courteous, efficient, and timely!!

Camillia D. | Edge Yelp

Edge is a great company. They take care of both our pest control and lawn care. The service is second to none! Our edge specialist Jim is top notch! He pays attention to detail and ensures 100% satisfaction on every service. I can't say that about other pest control and lawn care companies. I've tried others in the past and haven't been as satisfied as I am with Edge. The great part is they always come back if another application is needed in or around your home! Jim definitely makes our lives just a little easier! Our lawn looks great and we haven't seen any little critters crawling around!! Thanks Jim and Edge!!

Francisco M. | Edge Utah Central

So far this is my second service and looks good. Take care my lawn and garden.

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The best products available. We are determined to solve your problems.


Service within 24 hours. 90% of customers are serviced the same day they call.


Service powered by our genius proprietary software.


The most experienced Service Specialists. Our Service Specialists know how to make your lawn look and feel the best.


The most extensive coverage. We cover more areas, and customize your service to your home.


Your own customer portal. See information about your service, your invoices, and manage your account information.


The best customer care. You speak to a experienced agent in seconds, with almost no wait.