29% of Americans Have Had A Rodent Problem


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Spring Might Stink… Here’s Why


Spring is springing up everywhere. Little dirt piles are appearing along sidewalks as ants wake up and start making new tunnels. Tiny spiders are floating around, having the ride of their newborn lives (a process called ‘ballooning’, if you were wondering). And of course, small stinkbugs are starting to walk through the freshly green grass, looking […]

Ants Are Literally Taking Over The Planet


One mega-colony of ants inhabits most of the world, scientists have discovered. They’re an invasive species called Argentine ants (or Linepithema humile, if you’re a bug nerd like us), and while they originated in South America, they’ve spread globally to become the ants you’ve seen in your kitchen. This spreading of the species has resulted in billions upon billions […]

Bed Bugs: How To Not Bring Them Home


Hotels, houses, public places; it doesn’t matter. When it comes to bed bugs, nothing is safe. They’re everywhere and in everything. It’s imperative to take every precaution, to avoid picking up bed bugs while traveling. Bed bugs are the worst, and notoriously difficult to eliminate once they’ve infested a place. It’s not a stretch to say that bed […]

The Zika Virus: Here’s What You Should Know


BZZZT. “OUCH!” *SLAP* When people talk about mosquitoes and diseases, Dengue Fever or Malaria are usually what’s mentioned. However, recent global developments have added another mosquito-borne disease to the list: the Zika virus. You might have asked, “what is the Zika virus?” “Could I catch it?” “How can it be treated?” Almost two months ago, the WHO […]

5 Reasons To Never Do Your Own Lawn


5 Reasons To Never Do Your Own Lawn Spring is the most optimal time of year to prep your yard. The best time to start lawn treatments and preparation is in the Spring, and as we’re already hard at work on our customers’ lawns, you deserve to know the big reasons behind having a service do it […]

Rats or Mice?


If you want to control something, you have to understand it. Ever dealt with rats or mice? After a couple of failed trapping attempts, people often feel that rodents are too unpredictable to control. The reality is that once understood, small nests and families really can be reined in. But can you tell whether your […]