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Scientists estimate there are at least 1.5 million ants on earth for every human being. Edge uses an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that helps reduce the number of viable ant eggs an ant is able to lay and interrupts the reproduction cycle.

Ant Control Service Schedule

Servicing Season: Year-Round

Edge is dedicated to making sure your ants are gone for good. We will do an initial treatment to flush out and eliminate existing ants followed by a second treatment, 30 days later, to break the egg hatching cycle. This second treatment is the first of your four regular quarterly services. We will continue to service your home every 3 months to ensure you will be protected.


Edge handles just about every pest you can think of including rodents, ants, spiders, bed bugs, roaches, wasps/bees, mosquitos and more.

We provide free re-services in between our regularly scheduled appointments if the need ever arises. We also treat all the way up into the eaves of the home to remove flying insects like wasps.

Additionally, pets and people aren't pests, so we won't be treating for them. At Edge, we insist on using the best products available, allowing you to be in your home during the service.

Edge Pest Control Service Breakdown

  • Edge Service Specialist

    Our highly trained and qualified professionals customize your pest service to your property.

  • Complete Inspection

    We inspect your home to determine your precise needs.

  • Edge Guarantee

    We guarantee every aspect of our service, if you have any concerns just give us a call.

  • Insect Growth Regulator

    Using an IGR helps reduce the number of viable eggs an insect is able to lay and interrupts the reproduction cycle.

  • Insecticide with ICAP Technology

    iCap Technology has a hard outer shell that is lipophilic (fat-attracting) which means it only sticks to the insect’s waxy cuticle.

  • Power Spray

    A six foot power spray is applied to prevent insects from nesting or entering your home.

  • Landscape Barriers

    We treat all of your landscape transition areas where pests are commonly found.

Reviews for Ant Control

Ike J. | Seattle, WA

I was very hesitant to sign up with Edge. But, I am so glad I did. The first application showed amazing results. I would recommend them to all who wanted to free from bugs ants etc. Their staff is excellent. Polite and helpful.

Michelle G. | Austin, TX

We have been customers of Edge pest control for several years. The sales guy was very honest and forthcoming when asked direct questions. We signed up. At the time of sign up we were having issues with ants (during the drought) and spiders. Since beginning the service, we have not had ANY bugs! The initial service included inside the house. Since then we only have them do outside. We love Edge and love how reliable the service is. They just show up at the agreed upon time every 3 months as per our contract. Their technicians are extremely professional and thorough in their work. Thanks Edge for great service every single time!

Barbara M. | Portland, OR

I am a satisfied Edge customer. They are very effective. They got rid of 7 wasps nests under my 2nd story eaves (proper tools to reach; no ladders needed) and now my kids will play in the backyard. They also stopped the ant invasion -- I spent many fruitless hours battling those ants. The Edge workers notify me, come on time and do their work -- I don't have to schedule it or be home (unless they come inside) and everything is taken care of. Also polite and courteous, as someone else said.

Ayden R. | Chicago, IL

I am glad they found us they were able to stop the ants after we have been trying different products for years.

Johan V. | Denver, CO

We have seen a remarkable difference since starting treatments with Edge. Less spiders and ants for sure! And no harm to pets or plants.

Lindsey O. | Kansas City, KS

Edge is prompt and helpful. The service men are timely and efficient in providing service. I appreciate the availability of a service call when I see ants or other bugs in-between routine services.

Mike | SLC, UT

After Edge started coming, no more insect problems this year. The box elder bugs, spiders, and ants are gone, iniside and out. I believe their treatment is less toxic than most. The service is thorough and the customer service is great.

David M. | Portland, OR

Just had our place sprayed close to a week ago and haven't seen any evidence of more annoying ants or other creepy crawlies. Appreciated the service and friendly attitude of both representatives I worked with.

Jason K. | SLC, UT

They got rid of all of my spiders and ants. That's all I care about. Thank you!!!

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