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House mice are prolific breeders. The average litter size is between 5-8, with about 8 litters per year. Mice can multiply quickly, but Edge can put a stop to it. Edge's Premium Rodent Service comes with a 48 hour pickup, so if you happen to see any trapped rodents, contact us and we’ll pick them up within 48 hours.

Mouse Service Schedule

Servicing Season: Year Round

Edge is dedicated to making sure you are rodent-free. We will do a rodent service every 5 weeks anytime of the year, until your rodent problem is gone.

They aren't tiny chefs, and they aren't cute. They're nesting, biting, rapidly reproducing, disease carrying rodents, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Rodents are hungry and determined, looking at your house as the perfect place to scavenge and build a nest. Their presence and feces puts a household in harm's way. If you suspect rodents are in or around your home, let us take action.

They're not paying rent, they don't belong in your house. Send in the experts at EDGE to get them gone for good.

Complete Rodent Service Breakdown

  • Edge Service Specialist

    Our highly trained and qualified professionals customize your rodent service to your property.

  • Complete Rodent Inspection

    We conduct a full inspection of your home identifying any signs of rodent activity and potential entry points.

  • Edge Rodent Guarantee

    We guarantee every aspect of our service, if you have any concerns just give us a call.

  • 48 Hour Pickup

    If you happen to see any trapped rodents, contact us and we'll pick them up within 48 hours.

  • Preventive Baiting

    We don't just take care of your immediate need, we also do preventive exterior baiting to insure the rodents don’t return.

  • Exclusion Work

    We provide minimal non-cosmetic exclusion work as needed.

Reviews for Mouse Control

Anthony R. | Kansas City, KS

My wife signed us up for edge pest control 2 years ago. They are extremely professional and get rid of our mice and ants whenever we call. A+

Ben J. | Kansas City, MO

My experience has been a good one. I would definitely recommend them if you have mice problems. My wife got tired of me trapping them in the garage. First winter without droppings everywhere. Very pleased with the service.

Tina P. | Austin, TX

Our entire street has been infested with mice, lots of mice. I am reporting that our house has no mice. I have only seen one dead mouse on the edge of our property. I know it's our pest control. So, thanks Edge for doing a great job!

Nate B. | SLC, UT

Great service We had wasps like crazy when we moved in here so we signed up with Edge. They are always willing to come out and take care of our problems whenever we call. Our wasp problem is gone and no more spiders or mice in the garage! Great customer service, the technicians are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this business!

Linda R. | Denver, CO

Had the service for a year. Very good. No issues with bugs or mice.

James B. | Denver, CO

Edge Pest control provides outstanding and efficient service controlling all the rodents (voles, gophers, and mice) as well as insects and spiders. Edge responds with short notice requests for service without any hesitation. We've used Edge for nearly two years without any rodents in our basement and outside storage units.

Todd M. | Denver, CO

Very expedient. Next day service. 24 hour solutions to problems. My wife is happy and no longer concerned about mice running around our home.

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