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There are lots of things that can affect a healthy lawn including weeds, grubs, moss and fungus. Edge's Complete Lawn Care has five specialized treatments that includes among other things a slow-release nitrogen based fertilizer packed full of nutrients as well as a pre-emergent weed formula.

Lawn Care Schedule

Servicing Season: March 1st–October 31st

Edge Complete includes 5 specialized treatments because we are new to your lawn and want to make sure your turf is given the attention it needs. These 5 treatments at 6 week intervals are in place to infuse your lawn with our guaranteed products faster and more often to give you the best results. This is followed by the normal schedule of 4 treatments every 8 weeks.


Edge Complete Lawn Care Service Breakdown

  • Edge Service Specialist

    Our highly trained and qualified professionals customize your lawn service to your property.

  • Complete Lawn Inspection

    We analyze climate, soil conditions, root health, weed potential, water conditions, and grass type to determine your lawn’s precise needs.

  • Edge Lawn Guarantee

    We guarantee every aspect of our service, and promise that your lawn will reach its full potential.

  • Fertilization

    Our fertilizer is formulated from the best products available, and our slow-release nitrogen based formula is applied ensuring optimal lawn health.

  • Going Green

    Our iron-based formula strengthens your lawn, gets it green and keeps it green.

  • Micro-Nutrient Pack

    Packed full of nutrients to add additional lawn health, these nutrients go deep into the grass root system to produce the highest quality turf possible.

  • Targeted Weed Control

    Our weed treatment and pre-emergent formula frees up your lawn to grow and reach its optimal state.

  • Grub Control

    Your Service Specialist will constantly monitor your lawn to keep grubs from feeding on your lawn and killing large patches of turf.

Reviews for Lawn Care

Sparkey K. | Denver, CO

Great company! Best Ive ever had! Nobody does a better job as far as bugs go! They have an amazing lawncare service, it is a little pricey, but for me its worth it! Greenest lawn on the block!

Derik | SLC, UT

I was very excited to find out that they are starting lawn care, as my lawn is full of dandelions. I recently signed up and had my first lawn care treatment. The weed control seems to be working and the grass is starting to green up. Thanks, Edge.

Dillon F. | Sandy, UT

I have been using Edge for my pest service and I just started using them for my lawn care and I have been very impressed. I had really bad dandelions in the yard and they are all dead and my weeds are all dying. All the guys who come to our house are very friendly. My pest service has been great also. I haven't seen bugs in my house for a long time.

Justin H. | SLC, UT

Great Service Since moving into our house the bug problem has gotten progressively worse. We started our service with Edge Pest Control almost a year ago and have been amazed with the results. The wasps and spiders are gone!!! This spring we started with their Lawn Service and are already seeing results. Very impressed with the service and the results we are getting.

Nancy S. | American Fork, UT

Their lawn are service consistently makes our lawn the greenest in the neighborhood. Their free reservices are great and we are excited to try the mosquito service this year. We have had a great experience with Edge and highly recommend them to anyone.

Bill A. | Murray, UT

Lawn service has been GREAT! I share lawns with a neighbor and I cant believe the difference!

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