Why People Hate Yard Work

Posted on May 10th 2018

For some, yard work is the perfect time to focus on a task, do it well, and spend some time outside. But for others, yard work is the worst household chore imaginable. It’s indisputable that yard work is hard work, but there are some issues that can arise, making it more difficult than it needs to be. Here are some of those despised chores for the yard and a few tips to make them easier.

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Garage Storage Tips and Tricks

Posted on May 7th 2018

Is your garage overflowing with junk? Is your car perpetually parked on the driveway or street? Can you even step foot in your garage without seeing some pest skirt out from under one of the many boxes you have stored there? It’s time for you to do some cleaning and take control of your space and turn your garage back into what it was meant to be, instead of the cluttered space it has become. Follow these simple tips to get your garage back on track.

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How Pests Affect Allergies and Asthma

Posted on May 2nd 2018

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has declared May to be Asthma and Allergy Awareness months. This push helps to inform people about the factors that affect asthma, the different types of allergies, and what the general public can do to take action. Pests in the home have a huge, negative effect on those who suffer from allergies and asthma. Here are some of the most harmful pests, and what can be done to prevent them.

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Common Pests Found in Kansas City

Posted on Apr 30th 2018

Having pests invade your home can be an unfortunate and even disturbing experience, especially when you don’t know what those bugs are! For residents wondering about Kansas City pest control, there are a few strange, but common pests you can watch for in your yard or garden. Here are a few of those bugs, what they look like, and any damage they can do to your property.

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How to Check for Bed Bugs

Posted on Apr 28th 2018

Bed bugs. Just the mention of these small, nasty pests can make your skin crawl and feel itchy. Bed bugs are an unfortunate pest that are attracted to the warmth a human body provides. Once they find a home, they start feeding a mating rapidly so that before you know it, you have a full colony on your hands. If you suspect you need a bed bug service, follow these instructions to check for them in your home.

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