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What to Do if You Notice Pests During Quarantine in Boise

Posted on Mar 24th 2020

Social distancing and some stricter quarantine measures have been enforced nationwide in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. As you wait out the next few days or weeks inside, you’ll have plenty of time to inspect your property. Sometimes, pests can go unnoticed until they become a problem. As a homeowner, now is a great time to perform a general inspection of any pests or other problems you may have missed while stuck to a busy schedule.

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Health Threats Posed By Mosquitoes - Boise

Posted on Mar 24th 2020

If you are worried about the impact mosquitoes may have on your family, it’s best to seek professional mosquito treatment. Terminating a mosquito infestation around your property will benefit not only your family, but your entire community as well.

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Pest Control – 3 Things You Might Be Trying That Won’t Work - Boise

Posted on Feb 19th 2020

There are many DIY pest control in Boise tips that you can do around your home to keep the threat of large infestations low, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always work or that you won’t make mistakes.

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Health Threats Posed by Pests - Boise

Posted on Feb 9th 2020

Your home should be a place where you always feel safe, but unfortunately, pest infestations can completely take away that feeling of security. They’re unsightly and shocking, and should be left to pest control services in Boise to remove, but the biggest concern you might not immediately think of is what they mean for your health.

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What Rodents Love About Your House - Boise

Posted on Jan 21st 2020

Rodents are an unpleasant surprise to find in your home, and many homeowners are familiar with the shock of coming across a darting mouse or rat in your kitchen in the middle of the night. You’ve likely called your local pest control in Boise for one or two before. They’re some of the most common types of pests to invade homes, but you may be wondering why they chose yours as a place to settle down. It comes down to three simple attractions.

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