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Pest Control

You've had pests invade the comfort of your home, and that isn't right.

We know you don't want to spend your time figuring out how to get rid of them, so rest assured we know the best way to do it. Studies show that the crucial component for successfully managing pests is consistent application. If you find yourself searching for

"pest control near me in Chicago",

give experience a try. We've developed a Protection Program that is designed to get rid of pests and keep them away for good. Contact Edge. No more waiting days to get what you need now. 90% of our customers are serviced the same day they order. We guarantee every aspect of our service. If any concerns arise between services, we'll gladly come back out and take care of you.

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Initial Service

We treat inside and outside your home to reduce the pests you currently have. We also apply a powerful barrier around your home to keep pests out. After your initial service, it is possible that you might see a slight increase in pest activity because they’re being flushed out of hiding.

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First Quarterly Service

4 weeks after your initial service, we’ll return to break the pest hatching cycle. Even though we already treated your home once, there are still eggs left behind waiting to hatch. On this service, we’ll take care of the second generation of pests before they can lay eggs of their own.

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Recurring Quarterly Services

Every 12 weeks after that, we’ll return to provide continual service and to renew your exterior pest barriers. Because the protective barrier prevents pests from entering your home, interior services after the initial visit are not usually required. Should you notice pests inside then you may request an interior treatment at no cost.

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Same-Day Service

Get service when you need it. No more waiting days to get what you need now. 90% of our customers are serviced the same day they order.

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Here are a few things to keep in mind

Re-services are free. Totally free.

You are the eyes and ears on the ground. We depend on you to let us know if there is pest activity that needs attention. If you think you need a re-service, please give us a call or let your Service Specialist know so we can take care of you.

It is critical to keep the barrier up around your home.

The barrier that we apply is powerful, but it breaks down over time. It's important that we come every 12 weeks to reapply this barrier because without reapplication, the pests will return.

We use the most effective products on the market.

Rest assured we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and innovative solutions combined with our advanced products and best-in-class service to give you a life uninterrupted by pests.

By design, some products don't exterminate immediately.

Our products stick to pests so they can in turn spread it to other pests. This process offers longer-term protection as a larger quantity of pests come in contact with the product. You might even temporarily see a slight increase in pests as they are flushed out. This means that you are winning.

Our technology sets us apart.

With our proprietary software and app, we are able to customize your service, making it more efficient while minimizing human error.

We service all year long and in all seasons.

Pests adapt to changing temperatures and are active in all seasons, even in the winter. It is important to maintain barriers year-round for maximum effectiveness. We pay attention to the weather and are able to service in many weather conditions.

We guarantee our service.

We have performed over 1.4 million services and know that it works. We are consistently analyzing our processes to improve our service protocols, ensuring that we deliver an exceptional customer experience to you.

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See Why Our Protection Program Is So Effective



Our experts can answer any questions you have about the service.



Over 90% of our customers get service the same day they contact us.



Relax at home while we perform the service. No need to leave.

We're value-driven and service-oriented, so you can live your life free from distractions.

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My expert Jake was excellent and I felt my home safe from bugs and mice, nothing like peace of mind, exllent customer service and good value for my money👌
— Raquel Berven
Posted October 26th 2019
Very thorough and Professional!
— Monique Caldwell
Posted October 26th 2019
I called a little after 7am, spoke to Hector who explained everything. Eduardo was at my door a little after 10am same day & took care of what needed to be done. Extremely relieved and satisfied with the expediency and professionalism exhibited by all!
— Brian Cowart
Posted October 23rd 2019
Daryll was friendly and helpful while installing my first application I feel assure that my problems will be solved in no time just because of the friendly courtesy and confidence they have in helping me I would recommend them to friends and family
— lashone Wilson
Posted October 22nd 2019
Great service. service man was informative and told all that he was doing.
— Tallulah Deuerling
Posted October 22nd 2019
Very friendly and professional technician who listens well and does a thorough job.
— Robert Matz
Posted October 21st 2019
LeBron was absolutely superb! Very knowledgeable and helpful. It was a great experience!
— Tiffany Taylor
Posted October 21st 2019
Will use again if l have pest again
— Barbara Gatewood
Posted October 20th 2019
I like this company. I waited 6 months to review them so I could see if they really made an impact on my home. They absolutely did. When I bought my home it was full of pests. I can say that now I only occasionally see a small spider. I would also find dead insects throughout the house in places giving me a sign that it was working. It’s an 85 year old home and there will always be something in the house, however I can say with confidence that the servicing has made a big impact.
— Michael Gallagher
Posted October 19th 2019
My experience with Edge Pest Control was great I will recommend them to anyone
— karyn banks
Posted October 18th 2019
— Hancy Downs
Posted October 15th 2019
Daryl was friendly, knowledgeable and worked quickly. We are extremely satisfied with the work.
— Myron Winchester
Posted October 14th 2019
Great company to do business with!
— Parker Oldham
Posted October 13th 2019
I got Chelsea as the home service technician and once again she rocked!!! I am still happy that I chose Edge Pest Control
— Windy Williams
Posted October 13th 2019
I have had a terrific experience both times I have worked with this company. I highly recommend them.
— Stephanie Penacho
Posted October 9th 2019
— Bruce Leland
Posted October 7th 2019

Why Edge?

Get pest control, exterminator, & lawn care services when you need them. No more waiting days to get what you need now. 90% of our customers are serviced the same day they order. We guarantee every aspect of our service. If any concerns arise between services, we’ll gladly come back out and take care of you.

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We understand how frustrating it can be dealing with pests in and around your home. We are determined to give you back control so you can be free from distractions.

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Love your yard. Spend every moment enjoying it. We offer one complete lawn care package that will keep your lawn looking beautiful.

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Edge is an award winning residential and commercial services company providing a broad range of pest control, exterminator, and lawn fertilizing services in Utah and other locations. Our service specialists are QualityPro Accredited, and we have Associate Certified Entomologists on staff. From eliminating everyday pests such as ants, spiders, bed bugs and fleas, to ridding your environment of the tougher pests such as mosquitoes, wasps and rodents... our methods, products and technologies are highly effective and always pet and human-friendly, allowing you to be present during each service. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we guarantee every aspect of our services. Contact Edge today for an amazing customer experience and perfectly pest-free results!

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