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Earlier this week , Nick from the Bridgeview office performed an outdoor inspection of my home. At that time, he noted and shared with me two possibly entry points for vermin. He offered to return to both add a cover to my dryer vent and add caulk around my gas meter. Following his subsequent completion of the needed services, he showed me post pictures of his work. In the past, those technicians who serviced my home have been professional, responsive and efficient.
— Charles Becoat
Posted February 26th 2021
My home was constantly getting bees and wasps nests. I'd pay to have them removed and after a few months they'd just come back. Wasps even built a next in a wreath on my door, when I moved the wreath I was stung multiple times on one hand. That's when my neighbor referred me to Edge. They came to my home the same day and removed the nests and treated my home. They also explained why they kept coming back and assured me it wouldn't happen again. So far, no Bees or Wasps. Edge employees are always professional. Customer Service is exceptional! I highly recommend Edge.
— Madeline Ross
Posted February 17th 2021
I am so happy I called Edge! I had been spraying for black ants for several years. Each year the number of ants seemed worse. I finally gave up and called Edge. One of the best decisions I have made. From the person I spoke with on the phone to the serviceperson. They are friendly, explained their service and were very easy to talk to. Apparently the ants had set up camp in the landscaping river rocks and mulch. The products they use are not harmful to pets or children. They are not pushy about scheduling a service. Also, if I need service in between scheduled visits it’s free. I highly recommend this company.
— Sharon P
Posted February 14th 2021
When someone comes to the door to sell their service, I usually don't accept it. But Austen did a great job promoting Edge extermination service with a great price. Within two hrs, the service tech, Delshawn, arrived and did a great job spraying all over. He is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Will give this company one yr to see if it works long term. Stay tuned.
— Loosee Boyo
Posted February 14th 2021
First time user, service tech was VERY pleasant and checked with me before and after treatment. Seemed very thorough!!
— Donna O'Donnell
Posted February 11th 2021
They come do their job and go
— Debbie Berls
Posted February 6th 2021
Company responds quickly, appointment reminders are helpful, tech is polite, professional and courteous.
— Lita Ford II
Posted February 5th 2021
Very professional and reasonably priced. We use on a regular basis since we are near a wooded area.
— Mia Rampersad
Posted February 4th 2021
The technician was on time and professional. He perform the task excellently
— Rich Smith
Posted February 2nd 2021
Great service and professional people
— Lyzerax Hill Sr.
Posted February 1st 2021
Jeff was punctual, polite and knowledgeable. He thoroughly explained every aspect of his service and invited me to inspect significant findings, which I did. We feel we are dealing with a competent, service-oriented company that is also cost-competitive. This is a good start to what we perceive will be a valued relationship over the coming months.
— Joel Day
Posted January 30th 2021
The ants in my house disappeared in one day and I've noticed a big decrease in outdoor insects. The tech (Peter) was very friendly and informative. So far I am very happy with Edge services.
— JoAnn Kleinmaier
Posted January 28th 2021
They initially came to do my normal quarterly outdoor bug inspection and treatment. As they completed the job, Ron my service person notice my broken dryer and exhaust vents. He recommended replacement before pest make it their home. He scheduled and completed the service very professionally. I am very impressed with the final covered vents and the professional look!
— Marvin Paige
Posted January 28th 2021
Quarterly maintenance. Check for mice and spray around home for bugs. Always notify when they will be servicing and call before arrival. Always professional and answer any questions you may have. They call and leave a detailed message of what was performed if you are not home for service and always tell you that you can call if you have any concerns or something comes up and they will come out for free. Love this company. Would rate 10 if possible.
— Charlene Noful
Posted January 27th 2021
Can't say enough good things about Edge. Christina is awesome. Very knowledgeable and courteous. Would highly recommend.
— Chad Dorwart
Posted January 22nd 2021
Service technician was very professional. Called ahead to make sure of schedule. Took his time once here and was thorough.
— Colleen Devine
Posted January 21st 2021
I received a notification that my review received a response from the owner.... from 3 years ago. Five stars have changed since last year. Let me get this clear. I absolutely had no problem with their service tech and yes they got rid of ants and other insects. It's their customer service. I was under contract. That expired. Never renewed (thank God). But they will still come out which was great because I will never do "contracts" again not from a bug company. My problem is spring and summer with insects, the super nice techs will come out... but when I called customer service to requested them to skip the November, December basically the winter months because I had no insects/activity inside the house and plus money was tight, they were unable to do that and to push me out to spring... and yet I was not under contract. I will have to call every 2 weeks to reschedule. How inconvenient is that? I did that before and let me tell you...I will be like great here I go again in explaining again on why I need to reschedule... I had to do that everytime I need to reschedule. I finally said this time around, I will not be calling every 2 weeks and explaining again on why. I even asked the rep if she can put me for the spring rotation and she told me their system will not allow them to go out that far. What a bunch of BS! After I said take me off for any upcoming services and I will call you in spring. She proceeded to say I will have to start all over as a new customer, sign a contract, with possibly higher price. Wow! Talk about being scolded and working with an existing customer for 3 years! Don't need the threats, exhaustion and frustration. I still wanted their business but not in the winter months. I will not throw out my money like that. If they can't work with me, then I will look elsewhere who will.
— Patty Willers
Posted January 19th 2021
— Larry Copes
Posted January 17th 2021
We had the service man, Cris. He was very knowledgeable and polite. He is definitely an asset to your company. It explained everything to us and what we needed to do to take care of our problems.
— Claire Morrison
Posted November 19th 2020
— camille kazda
Posted November 17th 2020
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