Frequently-asked Questions

Why am I still seeing ants?
Seeing ants or other pests after we service your home is common. This is because the products we use contain an irritant that draws pests out from hiding. The result is more complete control and a thorough management of the pests versus only exterminating the visible pests.
What if I still have a persistent problem after a service?
Pest control science is not simple and nature is often unpredictable so if you experience a persistent pest problem between your seasonal services, we’ll take care of it at no cost. Simply call and we’ll send a Service Specialist to reinforce your pest barriers with a free support service.
Why do you service when I am not home?
Our service is designed to function on the exterior of your home. The pest barriers we create prevent entry to your house so an interior service is usually not required. Should you notice pests inside then you may request an interior treatment at no cost. Contact a Customer Care Specialist to schedule a time when you’ll be home. You’ll receive an automated reminder two days before the service and a call 30 minutes prior to the arrival of you Service Specialist.
How do I know if the technician even came to my home?
After every service you’ll receive an invoice to the email address you provided. This invoice includes details such as your service start and end time, a detailed list of all the areas serviced around your home, the amount of product applied, and more. Also look out for one of our door hangers. They usually include special offers.
What is your cancellation policy?
We work hard to offer the best services available and we hope you feel that value. We never want to lose a customer and we’ll go to great lengths to right a wrong. For whatever reason you choose to cancel we ask that you pay 50% of the cost of the remaining services in your agreement. For example if you have three services remaining and they each cost $100 for a total of $300 then cancelling will require $150. In order to cancel you must speak to a Customer Car Specialist over the phone. Cancellations cannot be postdated.
How does the servicing schedule work?
We have found that the most effective pest management plan requires seasonal services. Regular pest services are performed every 12 weeks. Your first service includes an initial clean out of both the interior and exterior of you home. Your second service is only four weeks later to break the hatching cycle of the pests and then begins the cycle of exterior services every 12 weeks.
What is EZ Pay?
Our services are meant to make your life easier and we want paying for those services to be easy as well. Our EZ Pay system securely stores your preferred payment method (EFT or debit/credit card) on file. After each service, payment is performed automatically similar to having automatic bill pay or common subscription services like Netflix or Hulu.
Why do you still service in inclement weather?
Year-round protection for your home is our priority. Pests change with the seasons and don’t let up with the weather so neither do we. Our products are formulated for a slow release which leads to a long-lasting pest barrier. However that barrier breaks down over time and needs to be reapplied every 12 weeks. Our Service Specialists are properly trained to know exactly how to treat your home during the rain, snow, or wind. The products we apply are microencapsulated meaning they include a microscopic shield to protect them from the elements. This ensures the slow release of the active ingredient which protects your home from pests.
Why do you schedule in a four hour time window?
We provide a custom protection plan for each of our customers. Since every property and plan is slightly different we want to give our Service Specialists adequate time to do their jobs well. By scheduling in a four hour time window your Service Specialist will not be rushed while at your home. This gives them the time to perform an exceptional service for you.
Why do I need to sign an agreement and why don’t you offer a one-time service?
The research has shown that safe but effective pest management can only be done with consistent application over time. Nature is persistent and when you stop treating for pests they always come back. A one-time treatment is an ineffective product so we refuse to offer it. That would be like trying to sell a car with no engine included. It won’t work. A multi-service agreement shows we’re committed to offering a pest control solution that works. We guarantee our results and your satisfaction.

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