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Few things in life are more satisfying than having a healthy, green lawn.

We understand how challenging it is to get one, so we have developed a Green Lawn Program that will help you get and maintain the green lawn you’ve always wanted.

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Lawn Care Service Program Lawn Care Service Program
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Professional Inspection and assessment

Because everyone’s lawn is unique, we will do a professional Inspection to determine your lawn’s needs. We will even take some core samples of your soil to know what’s going on. We will share these findings with you, offering suggestions on what you can do, as well as what we will do.

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Lawn Care Service

Your service will start and the spring and continue to the fall. Each of these services is taylored to the current season and climate. Every service includes an inspection, fertilization, nutrition, general weed control and pest protection.

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We’ll consult with you on how you should water your lawn, what height to mow, and other important scientific facts. Proper maintenance of your lawn will provide ideal conditions for our service to make your lawn green and healthy.

Our Green Lawn Program paired with your proper lawn maintenance will make your yard the talk of the neighborhood.



Aerate / Power Rake

Monitoring Your Pets

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Here are a few things to keep in mind

Re-services are free. Totally free.

You are the eyes and ears on the ground. We depend on you to let us know if there are any areas of your lawn that needs attention. If you think you need a re-service, please give us a call or let your Service Specialist know so we can take care of you.

We use the most effective products on the market.

We guarantee that we will always use the best products available for your lawn.

Our technology sets us apart.

With our proprietary software and app, we are able to customize your service, making it more efficient while minimizing human error.

Our service lasts from spring to the fall each year.

For the first year we service every 6 weeks from March 15th to October 15th. After the first year, we service every 8 weeks.

The turf pest control is not meant to reduce pests in the home.

The pest control included in our Green Lawn Program is only intended for pests in the lawn. If more extensive pest control is needed, you can bundle our Pest Prevention Program with our Green Lawn Program at a discount.

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See Why Our Green Lawn Program Is So Effective

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Complete Inspection

We inspect your home to determine your precise needs.

Edge Guarantee

We guarantee every aspect of our service. If you have any concerns, just give us a call.

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Foundation Barrier

A barrier is applied to prevent insects from nesting or entering your home.

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Professional-proven Products

We use the best products available, allowing you to be in your home during the service.

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