Lawn Disease Control

Despite your best effort to properly water and care for your lawn, grass can become infected with various diseases. Disease often occurs when there are multiple of the same plant in one place, such as grass. Diseased spores can float from neighboring yards or can spawn within your yard, hiding in the soil until the conditions are right for multiplying and spreading. Contact Edge for a free health inspection and lawn care quote.

Lawn disease can range from mild to severe and the earlier it is detected and treated, the better. Because there are various diseases that can infect grasses, it is vital to identify the disease in order to accurately treat your soils. Contact Edge to make sure your diseased lawn gets the lawn care treatment it needs.

Signs of Diseased Grass Include

  • Brown spots that won't green despite proper watering
  • Areas of dark, slimy or perpetually wet looking grass
  • Mushrooms and fungi
  • Dollar spots of yellowing grasses
  • Fairy rings of dead grass
  • Excessive weeds
  • More...

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