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Full Service Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy green lawn can both increase the value of your property and the enjoyment of your home. Much more goes into a healthy lawn than watering and weeding, however, and larger lawns can be difficult to manage. At Edge Servicing, we have perfected lawn care and developed full service packages for homeowners in the area.

At Edge, we understand that every lawn is different. We take the time to analyze and survey your lawn, conducting soil samples and an overall assessment to determine the best plan of action. Our full service lawn care package covers the following four aspects of lawn health:

  • Fertilizer - With nutrient-rich fertilizers you can have lush, healthy green grass that will make your yard the talk of the neighborhood. Our lawn professionals are experienced in working with various types of fertilizers and will know what products are best for your property.
  • Weed Control - A homeowner’s worst nightmare, weeds can quickly get out of hand if not properly managed. Edge utilizes safe, effective weed control products that combat even the most persistent lawn pests.
  • Disease Control - Weeds are not the only threat to healthy grass - mold, brown spots, fungi, and damp spots are all signs of lawn disease. Combat these diseases and encourage healthy soil with Edge’s expert lawn care services.
  • Grubs and Rodents - Similar to the indoor pests that wreak havoc in your home, grubs and rodents can quickly destroy your lawn. Our full service lawn care package includes inspections for voles, beetles, and other pests to ensure your lawn does not suffer from these pests.

After your initial treatment, you’ll receive free re-services whenever you notice a lawn issue (dry, brown grass; signs of grubs or rodents; weeds). With maintenance services every six weeks (in the first year), managing a healthy, beautiful lawn will be a breeze. If you’re looking to spend more time enjoying your lawn and less time mowing the grass, contact us today and learn more about our lawn care packages. Our award-winning services are guaranteed to nurture your lawn to its full potential.

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