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Lawn Mold Lawn Care Services

Slimy, dark patches of grass or brown, dry areas on your lawn are signs of fungal or mold growth. While mold is not a serious lawn threat, it is unsightly and may be an indicator of poor growing conditions. Lawn mold forms for a variety of reasons - overwatering, not enough water, too much fertilizer, or humid conditions. It is typically found in shaded regions of your lawn or areas with poor drainage. If you have been searching for professional lawn care to address lawn mold, Edge Servicing is here to help.

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At Edge, we understand how important it is to maintain a healthy, green lawn. We have worked hard to develop a strong lawn care program that covers all the bases for homeowners in maintaining a healthy lawn. Our program consists of three steps:

  • Professional Assessment - Everyone’s lawn is different and requires unique care. When you contact Edge for our lawn care service, you will first receive a full inspection and assessment of your lawn’s current health. This will help us understand the best approach to bringing you a healthy, green yard.
  • Lawn Care Services - Now the work begins! Our professionals will treat your lawn as necessary - weeding, fertilizing, irrigating, etc. If lawn mold is your biggest problem, we will assess the underlying reasons for this overgrowth and target it effectively to prevent future mold or fungus growth.
  • Maintenance - After we complete our service, we will help you maintain the health of your lawn with reservicing as needed. We will also consult with you on DIY maintenance tips such as how much to water and how often.

Tired of an ugly, slimy and discolored lawn? Say goodbye to lawn mold today! Contact Edge for a free quote for lawn care services.

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