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What are the Best Mosquito Control Methods?

Notoriously persistent and incredibly annoying, mosquitoes are definitely not the pest that you want infesting your backyard. These blood hungry insects are known to ruin outdoor events quickly with their itchy bites. Mosquitoes also pose a significant health risk as they are known carriers of various bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases. If you're dealing with a mosquito problem, it's time to take back your yard!

The best way to control mosquitoes is through various steps as these persistent bugs can be difficult to eliminate. Just spraying repellent on your skin won't do anything to eliminate a large population of mosquitoes. For efficient mosquito pest control, you need:

  • Professional Extermination - The first step to effective mosquito control is professional assistance. Qualified pest control companies, like Edge, know how to eliminate mosquitoes. With potent products and spray techniques designed to kill existing mosquitoes and eliminate larvae and eggs, Edge can help you quickly cut down your current mosquito population. Frequent re-servicing and a strong barrier foundation will prevent mosquito populations from taking hold.
  • Yard Maintenance - All Edge mosquito control services begin with a thorough yard inspection. Mosquitoes are attracted to lush vegetation, overgrown lawns and damp areas. Your Edge service provider can help you locate problem areas in your property and tell you how to maintain your yard in order to avoid attracting mosquitoes.
  • Water Elimination - Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite because they require the proteins found in human blood to lay their eggs. As female mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs, any site of stagnant or standing water and easily flooded areas are a big attractor to mosquitoes. Eliminating all sources of stagnant water is an essential step in effective mosquito control.

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Beat the Fight Against Mosquitoes Today With Professional Mosquito Control

Don't let these pesky, dangerous bugs ruin any more evenings spent outdoors. With the Mosquito Control Protection Program offered by Edge, you can eliminate mosquitoes, keep your family safe and take back your yard. Contact us today for more information or a FREE quote.

What are the Best Mosquito Control Methods? Edge Mosquito Services.

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