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Exterminator for Mosquitoes Near Me

At Edge Servicing, we care more about eliminating your pests than getting a quick sale. Mosquito infestations are something we take seriously as they are one of the most dangerous pests. In fact, mosquitoes cause more deaths annually than any other animal. Mosquitoes carry and transmit numerous dangerous viral and parasite infections to humans and dogs. And, as female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at once, they are incredibly resilient. If you are worried about a mosquito infestation and are looking for an exterminator, you can count on Edge's superior pest control services.

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Superior Mosquito Control

At Edge Servicing, we stand out from competitors by making extermination (not sales) our number one goal. When you call Edge, you're guaranteed same day service - we know that pest control is not something that can wait. No one should be kept indoors by fear of mosquitos. Our pest control team can expertly identify your pest infestation and take the steps to eliminate and control it.

At Edge, we use:
  • iCap Technology - All of our pesticides are made with iCap technology, which allows the insecticide to stick to the bodies of all insects for more effective elimination. This cutting edge technology allows us to effectively eliminate any and all pests, particularly the pesky and persistent mosquito.
  • Landscape and Foundation Barriers - Many mosquito infestations stem from poor environmental control. Wherever there is standing water, mosquitoes will lay eggs. At Edge, we do more than just eliminate your pest - we prevent them from coming back as well! Our pest control professionals will thoroughly scan your yard for any possible harbors of mosquito eggs and create landscape and foundation barriers with pesticide to prevent any further mosquitoes from entering your property.
  • Professional, Proven Products - In addition to being extremely effective, all of our products are approved and safe to use. Our products are so safe, in fact, that you and your family can remain in your home while we perform our services. Unlike the other pest control companies, we don't pump your property full of poison. Our goal is to keep you safe and eliminate your pest problem.

As the leading exterminator for mosquitoes and all other pests, Edge Servicing is happy to back all of our services by a guarantee. If you are not happy with our services the first time, we will gladly come back and fix the issue. For a mosquito free summer, give Edge Servicing a call.

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Get service when you need it. No more waiting days to get what you need now. 80% of our customers are serviced the same day they order.

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