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Mosquito Control: Fogging vs. Misting

There are two common methods of mosquito control in the pest industry: fogging and misting. How do you know which one is best? For effective mosquito control, you'll need a system that efficiently reduces mosquito populations while not imposing any harm on you, your family or the ecosystem.

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A great temporary solution, fogging kills adult mosquitoes on contact. While fogging has been used as a key mosquito control strategy throughout history, it has various drawbacks. The biggest problem with fogging is that it cannot kill larvae or eggs. When fogging solutions are sprayed, mosquitoes flying or sitting in the path of the spray will certainly die. But any eggs waiting to hatch will be unaffected, and then the population can quickly resurge. Additionally, fogging cannot target mosquitoes that are hidden deep in foliage or other resting areas. While fogging is considered safe for pets and humans, the spray is often heavy and strong smelling which may be unpleasant for many individuals.

Thankfully, modern systems have been developed to address all the drawbacks of mosquito fogging.


The preferred method for mosquito extermination, misting is a long term solution. A customized method that can be designed to fit your property, mosquito misting is a lot like a sprinkler system. Strategically placed metal nozzles are programmed to release a potent mosquito exterminating product at select intervals throughout the day. With the ability to continually mist for months, misting provides protection all summer long.

Unlike fogging, misting targets mosquitoes in all life cycle stages. Adults, both those flying around and those hidden in foliage, will be exterminated. Most eggs and larvae cannot survive contact with the misting solution. Those that do hatch will eventually be exterminated by the misting system once they reach adult stage.

Misting systems are also waterproof, tamper resistant and pet and child friendly. Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services uses a misting barrier protection system as our key mosquito control technique. We stand by our methods as proven, professional and effective.

Mosquito Misting
Mosquito Control: Fogging vs. Misting. Edge Pest Control.

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To learn more about our Mosquito Protection Program and to get pricing contact us today. Mosquito control starts with professional extermination. Our goal is to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment so that you and your family can enjoy your backyard once again.