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How Do You Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Yard?

The painful, itchy welts of hungry mosquitoes are guaranteed to ruin your summer. If a swarm of mosquitoes has driven your family inside, it's time to take back your yard.

The best way to get rid of a mosquito problem is with professional mosquito pest control. While repellents may make the outdoors more bearable for a few hours, they are ineffective in controlling mosquito populations. An initial mosquito treatment by Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services is the first step in eliminating these dangerous pests.

Effective Mosquito Control
  • Treat - Breeding grounds and mosquito harborage areas may be widespread throughout your property. With an initial inspection, Edge mosquito control professionals will identify these high risk areas. Using an effective insecticide that is child and pet friendly, Edge professionals spray in all of these areas and any other locations that may attract mosquitoes. This slow-release product is designed to get rid of mosquitoes from your yard and prevent them from returning.
  • Prevent - After initial treatment, Edge will return on scheduled days to reapply our mosquito treatment as necessary. Consistent treatment during peak season is key to completely destroying any mosquito populations that have established themselves in your yard.
  • Protect - After initial treatment, the best mosquito prevention is to protect your yard, making it inhabitable to mosquitoes in the first place. Lush greenery, overgrown vegetation and standing water attract mosquitoes and encourage breeding. By carefully maintaining your yard and removing any standing water, you can do your part in preventing the return of mosquitoes.

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No More Mosquitoes

Mosquito infestations pose a bigger problem than itchy bites. As known carriers of various viral and bacterial diseases, mosquitoes are considered the most deadly animal on the planet. All it takes is one bite and you or a loved one could be stricken with a mosquito borne disease. Don't take the risk - eliminate mosquitoes, fight disease and take back your yard with Edge mosquito pest control.

How Do You Get Rid of Mosquitoes From Your Yard? Edge Pest Control.

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