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Should I Hire a Professional for Mosquito Removal?

The annoying buzz and painful bite of mosquitoes is enough to drive anyone crazy. Not only are mosquito bites bothersome, they're dangerous. As well known disease vectors, mosquitoes carry and transmit hundreds of bacterial and viral diseases. To properly handle mosquito removal, hiring a professional is your best bet.

Professional Mosquito Control vs. DIY

Although there are various products for at-home mosquito control, they are rarely effective. Products utilized by professional pest control companies are unique, extremely effective and require a license. Additionally, knowing where, when and how to spray makes all the difference. The mosquito control professionals of Edge have been trained and are knowledgeable about mosquito breeding habits and harborage sites, allowing them to spray effectively.

Frequent spraying is also important in effectively controlling mosquitoes. Edge follows a treatment schedule to ensure there are no lags in mosquito removal. While the idea of DIY mosquito removal may be tempting, successful mosquito control is nearly impossible without the expertise, knowledge, and products of professional pest control companies.

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Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes

If you're searching for "mosquito control near me", put down the store bought products. An effective extermination plan requires professional help. At Edge, we are dedicated to providing safe and healthy environments to our customers. We understand the dangers of mosquitoes and we work hard to eliminate them. We have developed a Mosquito Protection Program that follows three steps for complete mosquito removal:

  • Inspection - Every yard is different and we take our time to inspect yours so we can develop a plan of attack. We will identify mosquito breeding grounds and potential harborage areas in order to fully eliminate the mosquito population. Problem areas, such as overgrown grass or bushes and standing water, will be noted as well.
  • Initial Treatment - Our EPA approved spray was developed to be toxic to mosquitoes yet they are child and pet friendly, so there is no need to leave your house while we spray! Long lasting and slow releasing, our formula is effective in eliminating mosquitoes.
  • Re-Services - The best way to prevent a large mosquito population from taking hold in your yard is with frequent spraying. During peak season, we will return regularly to treat your yard. This retreatment kills any mosquitoes that may have survived and eliminates all breeding sites.
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Should I Hire a Professional for Mosquito Removal? Edge Pest Control.

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