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How Do You Kill Mosquitoes Naturally?

Homeowners looking for "natural" mosquito control are likely to be disappointed with the results of products containing essential oils or other "organic" materials. Reliable, professional mosquito control companies will always use EPA approved sprays. While these sprays have been developed to harm and kill mosquitoes, they are considered child and pet friendly. For homeowners looking to protect their property and family from the dangers of mosquitoes, EPA approved mosquito control products are the most effective, and safest, solution.

If you're looking for mosquito control in your local area, Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services can help you take back your yard.

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Safe And Effective Mosquito Control

As Defenders of Public Health, the wellbeing of our customers is our number one priority. Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry can be deadly. With professional mosquito control, you can keep your family safe and reduce the spread of mosquito borne disease. At Edge, we do our part to both eliminate your mosquito problem and keep your family safe while we do so. Our products are completely safe around pets and humans. There is no need for your family to leave while we perform our service.

A natural derivative, the main ingredient in our spray comes from a flower. Consisting of properties that are uniquely toxic to mosquitoes, this spray is slow-releasing and effective. An initial treatment followed by re-services will effectively eliminate the mosquitoes on your property and keep your family safe. With expert mosquito control from Edge, you can take back your yard.

Mosquito Control Starts With Prevention

After professional mosquito extermination services, the best way to prevent future infestations is with preventative steps. Maintaining your yard and removing any standing, stagnant water will effectively reduce mosquito breeding grounds. If you're unsure about how to best prevent mosquitoes, your Edge professional can walk you through some simple steps after inspecting your yard. A thorough property inspection is included in our Mosquito Prevention Program.

Take back your yard today with Edge. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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How Do You Kill Mosquitoes Naturally? Edge Mosquito Control Services.

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