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Mosquito Control Near Me

Summer nights spent by the grill and cooler evenings warmed by a bonfire can quickly turn south when mosquitoes show up. Not only are their bites extremely itchy, these pets can carry dangerous infections. Your backyard is meant to be enjoyed, not avoided. If you are looking for “mosquito control near me,” Edge has you covered.

As a leader in pest control, Edge has access to the newest, most effective pesticide products. Our slow-releasing misting technique allows for an effective, lasting reach on areas that harbor mosquitoes. We can both eliminate active infestations and remove eggs and nests to prevent future problems. Our Associate Certified Entomologists can identify the type of mosquitoes found on your property so you can be more aware of the possible risks of disease. By providing you with tips on mosquito control and prevention, your Edge pest control technician can help you understand how to minimize future infestations.

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What to Do for Mosquito Bites

If you or a family member has been bitten by mosquitoes, these simple care instructions can offer relief:

  • Don't scratch. Although the bites are notoriously itchy, scratching them may lead to infection when bacteria enters broken skin.
  • Apply a cool compress for at least 10 minutes to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Apply calamine lotion or another anti-itch cream.
  • Ice packs can soothe particularly bothersome bites.

Bites should fade away within a few days. However, if the bite is accompanied by wheezing, fever, vomiting, or flu-like symptoms, report to a hospital. Virus and parasite related issues may appear a few days after bites, so be vigilant.

Effective Mosquito Control

While mosquito control is essential for healthy living, many products used contain poisonous additives. At Edge, we only use safe and approved products for all mosquito extermination services. With effective application and persistent treatments, we are able to stop mosquito infestations in their tracks. For a safer yard and a happier family, you can count on Edge. Contact us today for mosquito control.

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