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How You Can Mosquito Proof Your Yard

Mosquitoes, while incredibly tiny, have the power to ruin BBQs, summer evenings and outdoor parties. Guests and family members are quickly driven inside when these blood thirst pests start biting. A red, itchy welt is the least of concerns as mosquitoes are known to carry and transmit dangerous infections like Dengue Fever, Zika and West Nile Virus.

So, even if your grill is fired up and outdoor space designed for comfortable relaxation, you can say goodbye to backyard fun without proper mosquito control. If you're looking for ways to mosquito proof your yard, the best place to start is with professional mosquito extermination.

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Mosquito Extermination Near Me

Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services offers a Mosquito Protection Program that was developed to eliminate current adult mosquito populations and prevent the life cycle of new mosquitoes. Our initial property inspection locates problem areas in your property so our technicians can effectively target and kill mosquitoes. After the first spray, we will install a barrier foundation that uses an effective misting product designed to kill any remaining adults and prevent the hatching of new eggs. Any necessary re-services are completely free. Our goal is to provide quality mosquito extermination so you can enjoy your yard again.

Say Goodbye Mosquitoes

After Edge helps you take back your yard with our professional mosquito control program, continued vigilance against these pests can help you say goodbye to mosquitoes forever. We encourage homeowners to maintain their yard, eliminate stagnant water and continually monitor their property for signs of potential breeding grounds. Other ways you can "mosquito proof your yard" include: plant herbs and flowers known to deter mosquitoes and keeping your gutters clean.

Without professional mosquito control, however, you'll have a difficult time protecting your property and family from these nuisances. Don't waste any more time searching for "mosquito control near me." Contact Edge today for pricing information.

Mosquito Proof Your Yard
How Do I Mosquito Proof My Yard? Edge Pest Control & Mosquito Services

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