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Mosquito Service

If you have been searching for mosquito control assistance, Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services is here to help.

Our mosquito service was designed to trace and eliminate entire mosquito populations from your property. Our multi-step process covers inspection, initial fumigation and ongoing treatments to ensure these dangerous pests truly are eliminated from your property.

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Below are the answers to some questions we commonly receive about our mosquito service.

  • How much does the service cost?
  • Every property different and infestations occur due to a variety of factors. When pricing services, we take into account the unique situation of your property. To gain a better understanding of how much a mosquito servicing will cost, consider calling us for a free consultation and quote.

  • Is the service effective?
  • Due to the multi-step process of our mosquito treatment plan, our ability to completely exterminate mosquitoes is high. Unlike other pest control companies that will come and fumigate once, Edge Control and Mosquito Services perform multiple services of both fast and slow releasing products. Our inspection also seeks out breeding grounds so we can eliminate eggs. Your specialist will also discuss tips with you so you know how to better protect your property and family.

  • Is mosquito treatment safe?
  • All of the products we use are safe around humans and pets. Your family does not have to evacuate the property while we perform our services.

  • How long will the treatment last?
  • Once our service is completed, your mosquito problem will be terminated. Following the guidance of your mosquito specialist will ensure that your yard remains inhospitable to mosquitoes.

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Our mosquito treatment plan is so effective that we guarantee our services. Are you ready to enjoy your yard again? Contact Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services for the leading mosquito control service.

mosquito control service
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