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Mosquito Treatment

As a homeowner, you want to do your best to protect your family. Your house and yard should be a safe place where you can relax, hang out and play with your kids. Mosquitoes are guaranteed to end the fun, however. If you've been searching for mosquito pest control, Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services is here to help.

All of our mosquito treatment services begin with a thorough property inspection. Mosquitoes prefer lush vegetation and must have a water source for breeding. Your Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services technician will take the time to search for any possible breeding grounds and eliminate all eggs. Using safe fumigation practices, your technician will then spray your entire property to kill any living mosquitoes.

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Reservicing for Effective Mosquito Treatment

After the initial treatment, your technician will return for up to five weeks to re-service your property with a slow-releasing product. This product is designed to eliminate the entire mosquito population overtime, including any additional eggs that have been laid.

Take Back Your Yard

Bug spray doesn't have to stink up your summer nights and cook-outs. A professional mosquito treatment helps you eliminate the problem from the source. At Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services, we take pest control seriously. With a certified entomologist on staff, professionally trained specialists and the latest fumigation products, we have all the resources necessary to identify and eliminate mosquito infestations.

At Edge, we keep our customers' well being first priority. Our goal is to safely eliminate pests so that you and your family can enjoy your home. All of our products are safe for use around pets and children, so there's no need to leave while we service your property. Ready to end your search for mosquito pest control and take back your yard? Call us today to get pricing.

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Mosquito Treatment | Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services

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