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Residential Mosquito Control

If you are searching for "mosquito control near me" for your residential building, multi-family housing or apartment complex, Edge Pest Control and Mosquito Services is the company that you can count on.

We understand that the safety and security of your residents is a top priority and that includes quality pest control. Mosquitoes in particular are known to pose various health concerns, and they commonly appear in warmer months. Keeping mosquito populations in check can be difficult on larger properties, particularly multi-residence buildings. Edge is here to help you reduce adult mosquitoes, prevent egg hatching and eliminate breeding sites.

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How Does Edge Control Mosquitoes?

For efficient mosquito control, we use a four step program that includes:

  • Inspection - This includes a thorough inspection of the entire property, buildings and grounds. Your Edge mosquito control professional will be searching for any infestation areas and possible breeding areas. You will be given insight on how to maintain your grounds to reduce potential breeding sites and landing zones.
  • Elimination - As part of our mosquito extermination program, we will perform an initial spray to quickly eliminate any current mosquitoes.
  • Property Barrier - After the initial spray, a misting system is installed that provides a barrier along the perimeter of your property. This system continuously mists in a safe and effective manner that is meant to reduce current adult mosquito populations, prevent eggs from hatching and minimize the chance of future breeding.
  • Re-Service - If re-service is necessary, it will be performed free of charge! You are the eyes and ears of your property, and if you notice an ongoing mosquito problem we will quickly address it.

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As the experts in mosquito extermination, Edge can efficiently reduce the populations of these dangerous pests on your residential property. Keep your building free from the danger of mosquito borne disease with our Mosquito Protection Program! Contact us today for more information or a FREE estimate.

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Residential Mosquito Control Near Me. Edge Pest Control.

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