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When you see a beetle in your house, your first instinct may not be to call your local pest control company. Many homeowners believe beetles to be harmless pests, but this is far from the truth. A beetle infestation can cause extensive property damage as many beetles consume wood and insulation as part of their diet. Beetles can damage your furniture, clothing, books, indoor plants, outdoor garden, and more. While one ladybug may not be cause for alarm, if you suspect a beetle infestation it is best to call Edge.

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Don’t waste time searching for “pest control near me” - Edge has you covered. We are leading the industry with our innovative pest control techniques and superior technologies. Pest control has two stages - removal and maintenance. Our experienced exterminators will treat your home to remove the initial signs of pests and take measures to ensure the pests stay away. If you suspect evidence of a return of your pest, re-treatments by our team are free.

There are thousands of species of beetles, and it can be difficult to know what type of pest you have without expert help. Your local Edge has an Associate Certified Entomologists on staff that can identify any pest. Understanding the species of beetle infesting your home is important so you can assess any potential property damage. After your extermination service, your QualityPro Accredited exterminator will discuss prevention tips. Beetles can find their way into the home through a variety of ways, including windows, pipes, and cracks around the foundation. Extermination and prevention are the keys to a pest-free home.

Don’t hesitate at the signs of an infestation - early treatment is key to successful pest elimination. Edge is the leading pest control company that can exterminate your beetle problem. Call us today and receive service within 24 - 48 hours.

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