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Grubs are soil-dwelling larvae of various species of beetles. Grubs feed on grass and can sever the roots, killing parts of your lawn beyond recovery. If you have noticed beetles in the early summer followed by dead patches of grass by late summer, you probably have grubs. Killing their eggs before they hatch is the only way to prevent damage to your lawn. Once they have hatched in late summer, grubs immediately begin eating and continue to feast until the late fall. Grub pest control is included in our all-inclusive lawn care services because we know that prevention and early detection are key to avoiding costly damage to your lawn.

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At the first sign of grubs, call Edge right away. The sooner you get grub control services, the better if they are allowed to grow to maturity and spread, you are at risk for losing your lawn entirely. Once grubs have taken over your yard, they will not go away on their own. They will burrow deeper into the soil to survive the winter, emerging as adult beetles in the spring ready to start the process over again.

Time is of the essence if you suspect that you have grubs. 90% of our customers are serviced the same day they order, and we guarantee service within 48 hours. One of our Service Specialists will first thoroughly inspect your lawn for grubs and all other possible causes for the declining health of your lawn. Once the problem has been diagnosed, Edge will assess the damage and offer the most effective lawn care plan to not only rid your lawn of these menaces but will prevent their return as well.

Grub lawn pest control

Signs of grub feeding include:

  • Brown patches of dead or dying grass, particularly in sunny areas.
  • Before brown patches of lawn even appear, grass may feel spongy.
  • Racoons, skunks or birds digging in your yard (they may be snacking on grubs.)
  • Dead patches of grass can be easily pulled up and rolled like loose carpet.
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