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It can be difficult to find quality providers when you need pest control services. Edge, the best of “pest control companies near me”, cares more about eliminating your pests than a quick sale. With the goal of providing the highest quality services at an affordable price, we are the local pest control company you can count on.

At Edge, we understand that pest invasions can be an emergency - when you spot a cockroach, bed bug, or spider, the faster it is gone, the better. We provide same day services so that you don’t have to waste any restless nights worrying about the critters invading your home. As soon as you request a service with Edge, we will be on our way to your home to eliminate your pesky home guest. Even if you are unsure what type of creepy-crawler you saw dash across your kitchen floor, don’t hesitate to give Edge a call. All Edge locations have an Associate Certified Entomologist on staff that can help identify any insect or rodent. Once your pest is identified, our Quality Pro Accredited professionals will take over to begin extermination.

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Edge’s professional exterminators use iCap insecticide, which penetrates all insects’ waxy cuticles, swiftly immobilizing and eliminating them. This product is completely safe and can be used around children and dogs - there is no need to leave your house while we perform our services! No matter the pest, Edge never uses bombing or tenting techniques. After successful extermination, Edge servicers will perform a complete inspection of your home, removing pests from their favorite hiding spots. If necessary, your technician will also create foundation and / or landscape barriers to prevent the pests from re-entering your home. This full pest control service allows us to completely tackle the problem - we make sure to take our time so that your pest doesn’t come back. We stand by our service with a full guarantee.

From common house pests like ants and the more dangerous insects such as cockroaches, wasps, or spiders to serious disease carriers like rats or mice, Edge is your leading local pest control company. So the next time you spot an uninvited, many legged guest in your home, don’t waste your time searching for “pest control services” or “pest control companies.” Just give your local Edge Servicing a call and we will be on our way within 24 hours.

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Get service when you need it. No more waiting days to get what you need now. 80% of our customers are serviced the same day they order.

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