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The Vole is often mistaken for their cousin, the field mouse. Unlike mice, the vole will wreak havoc on your yard creating vast tunnel systems beneath your yard. They prefer areas of dense vegetation that allow them to conceal the entrances to their subterranean habitats from predators. Even in the colder months, voles do not hibernate but will continue working beneath the surface. Voles cause damage to landscaping by carving tunnels, eating the roots of your trees, the bulbs of your ornamental flowers and grasses.

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With Edge, our Service Specialists can identify your vole problem and rid your property of these destructive rodents. We include vole inspection, vole control and removal in our all inclusive lawn care service. Edge Lawn Care offers you all possible services to produce a strong, green and healthy lawn. You never have to worry about paying more for additional services (such as weed, grub and vole control) because our lawn care service is all inclusive. You have worked hard to make your house a home, let us protect it from destructive rodents and pests so that you can enjoy it.

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