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Scorpion Extermination

If you know anything about scorpions, the word alone might make you shiver. Scorpions are a common pest in the United States, and they pose many dangers to humans. Most notably, they have venomous stingers that can be very dangerous when injected with poison into the human body. The stinger will inject this poison deep inside their victim.

How Harmful Is A Scorpion?

If left unchecked, they can be a threat to you and your loved ones. Their sting can be lethal in some cases but more common symptoms include redness, itching, swelling, sweating, and even drooling.

Since they are one of the more dangerous pests out there, it is critical you contact a specialist for immediate scorpion extermination.

Edge offers professional scorpion pest control service near you.

Why Call An Expert?

Scorpions are surprisingly fast and know how to defend themselves with their stinger. Trying to capture them or smash them on your own is something that should be avoided at all costs. To deal with scorpion extermination, you need to seek professional help from Edge Pest Control. A professional will use equipment and products that will eliminate the scorpions and their nest so that you can feel safe and at ease, while relaxing in your home.

Why Should You Contact Edge Pest Control For Scorpion Extermination?

When you contact Edge, you can trust that your service specialist will know exactly what to do to take care of the scorpions in or around your home. Your specialist will know where to treat, what products to use, and how to best terminate this pest.

  • To avoid scorpions from entering your home, your service specialist will inspect your home to determine possible entry points and then offer solutions to seal those entry points. Edge will then provide a protective barrier around your home that will not only eliminate these existing pests but we will also prevent future pests from entering as well.
  • We see it as our responsibility to also target other pests to help reduce the desire for scorpions to be around since they eat other bugs. You'll get the benefit of not only getting scorpions under control but you'll see many other pests removed as well!
  • A protection program is offered to ascertain that no scorpion is present after your service. You might see an increase in activity after we treat since we are flushing pests out of hiding, but once our products work their magic for a few days you should not see any more activity. It's likely that scorpions will try and come back to your property, but by having a consistent barrier applied, you can be at ease.
  • Now, since we are dealing with nature sometimes one pest might sneak through but no worries, just let us know and we will come back for free for another service so you can remain in constant protection.

What's Next After Extermination?

When a professional from Edge is done performing scorpion extermination on your property, it is best if you take precautions to prevent an infestation from happening again. Our technician will provide you with tips to adhere to like:

Seal any place that the scorpion can get through, especially anywhere that has a basement or crawlspace access. A good place to start is in the garage; you can prevent scorpions from getting into the garage by sealing any cracks and openings.

One common area for scorpions is underneath porches. If you have one, make sure it is sealed, too, because they can crawl underneath the wood and find a way in. There are some other things to look out for, such as any exterior windows or doors that could be left open, which would allow them easy access into your home.

If you live in a scorpion-infested area, it is advisable to check your closet and cabinets for scorpions. Check your bed and remove any bed skirts before you get in it. If possible, use a flashlight to check around the room and under furniture for scorpions. Remove any clutter that might be inviting insects inside your home, such as cardboard boxes, fabric scraps on the floor.

Scorpions climb walls and ceilings to find cracks or holes where crickets hide since scorpions consume crickets. Similar to centipedes, scorpions will eat just about anything they can get their pincers on. It is so important that you eliminate crickets or any other pests to reduce the chances of scorpions entering your home.

To avoid this pest, you can contact a pest control company like Edge Pest Control to deal with scorpions, crickets, and other common pests like spiders, wasps, and ants.

Take back control of your home and turn it into a place that’s warm and welcoming to your family — not pests. With Edge, you can have the peace of mind to focus on what really matters.

Edge offers professional scorpion exterminator services near you.

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