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If you happen to see one of these notorious eight-legged creepy crawlies skulking around your home, Edge’s Service Specialists can take care of them with our safe for pets and humans formula. Our icap technology will stick to their waxy cuticle just like it will for any other insect infesting your home. With our superior spider exterminator service, we will have you back in control of your home in no time with our all-inclusive services that cover exterminating spiders and other nuisances they’ve been hunting. See a spider? Contact Edge and a Service Specialist will be on site within 24 hours and if we can't make it out in 24 hours, you are guaranteed to have us there within 48 hours. Don’t let your home become their home too!

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How Do They Get In?

Like most pests, they come in uninvited, stay for far too long, and sometimes require a firm hand to remove them. Spiders can enter a home through various points, our pest control service specialists offer in-depth house inspections and are able to identify all possible entry points such as loose screens on windows or cracks beneath doors. They, much like many of us, move more inside during the cooler months as they seek shelter from the intense cold weather and the warmth in our houses.

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