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Brown Recluse Pest Control Near Me

A commonly feared spider, the brown recluse leaves a painful, venomous bite. Though typically mild, brown recluse spider bites can sometimes cause an infection or allergic reaction that requires medical care. If you believe you have spotted a brown recluse in your home or on your property, contact Edge today. We guarantee a 24-48 hour response time and offer a complete inspection and thorough brown recluse extermination.

The brown recluse spider is difficult to spot. It prefers dark, secluded places like attics, sheds, and basements. Often mistaken for the wolf spider, the brown recluse's distinguishing marks are a violin shape on its back and six pairs of eyes. However, determining these features may require you to get too close for comfort and is better left to the professionals at Edge. All Edge locations have an Associate Certified Entomologist on staff that can correctly identify any pest.

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Brown Recluse Bite

Brown recluse spiders rarely bite unless provoked. Bites typically occur when the spiders are stepped on or a hand reaching into a dark cabinet surprises a spider. The bite will be painful and may become serious.

Care Tips for Brown Recluse Bites:
  • Clean the wound with mild soap and water
  • If swelling and/or redness occurs, apply a cool compress
  • Seek medical attention if fever, chills, vomiting, dizziness, or rash appear

While most brown recluse bites will heal within 3-4 weeks without any complications, some people experience a bad reaction to the venom and may develop a necrotic wound. Bad reactions to brown recluse spider bites are more common in children and the elderly.

The brown recluse's dangerous bite is not the only thing to be wary of. Female brown recluse spiders lay egg sacs containing 40-50 eggs up to 5 times in a life span. If left unchecked, these spiders can quickly infest any home or property. You and your family's safety is our top concern at Edge - you should be able to enjoy your home without fear of venomous bites. Contact us today about our brown recluse extermination services if you believe you have spotted an unfriendly spider. We use top-of-the-line iCap technology which sticks fast to spider bodies, quickly eliminating them. All of our products are safe for children and pets - no need for you to evacuate your home while we perform our services. Our quick response time ensures fast, safe brown recluse pest control.

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Brown Recluse Extermination & Pest Control Near Me - Edge

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