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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation is a serious problem. While bed bugs cannot transmit any infectious diseases, they can cause skin and mental health issues and significant property damage. Bed bug bites, while typically mild, can cause an extreme rash to those with sensitive skin. The nuisance of bed bugs and their seemingly endless perseverance at surviving any extermination tactics can cause extreme stress, anxiety, and insomnia. If you need bed bug exterminator Portland services, Edge has you covered. We are experienced with all bed bug killer Portland procedures and we know what works best in eliminating these pests for good.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

The first sign of bed bugs is typically their bite marks on your body. While often mistaken for mosquito bites, bed bug bites are known for their “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” formation. Bed bugs feed in groupings and you will often notice three small red bites in a row. If you notice bites, another clue to look for is brown or red smears on your bed sheets which indicates blood left behind from feedings. Another clue that is rarely seen are skins left behind by bed bugs that have molted. If you notice these signs and are searching for bed bug killer Portland services, then Edge is here to help.

Bed bugs are experts at hiding - in mattresses, fabrics, clothing, carpet, and within furniture and walls. Edge Servicing professionals are experts in extermination, however, and these pesky bugs don’t stand a chance against our industry leading bed bug exterminator Portland services. We use iCap insecticide which permeates insects’ waxy cuticles, swiftly eliminating them. After killing all of the bed bugs that have infested your home, we will thoroughly search your house for remaining bed bugs and eggs to completely eliminate the infestation. Bed bug infestations are notorious for being hard to eradicate, but there is no pest that gets past Edge Servicing extermination.

If a bed bug infestation is not treated promptly, it can get out of hand very quickly. Due to the elusive nature of these pests, bed bug extermination is best left up to the professionals. Edge uses completely safe extermination procedures - no need to leave your home while we perform our services. Our products are safe for use around children and pets. Give Edge a call today for all your bed bug extermination needs.

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We have performed more than 1.4 million services, but we still care about your service as much as our first.

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I have been dealing with sugar ants for years; within a very short time, after one application; other than an ant or two, they are pretty much gone. It’s like a miracle. No. More. Ants.
— Joanne Twilleager
Posted January 26th 2020
Prompt, efficient service - friendly, professional staff - very informative regarding what they were doing and why - cleaned up nicely after sewer repair.
— Sheila Redman
Posted January 25th 2020
The techs are always courteous and respectful. They check in with me and make sure the job is done to my satisfaction.
— Dylan Combs
Posted January 24th 2020
We are having far fewer bugs and pests around our house and property. Very pleased!
— linda ochs
Posted January 20th 2020
Edge has provided great service, response time is good, they always show up when they say they will. I highly recommend them. KJS
— Koneta Stanton
Posted January 20th 2020
Very pleasant experience! Quick service. They'll call you before they head over and they're very nice! Excellent service.
— jared lutz
Posted January 18th 2020
Needed a repeat service for ants. They are easy to contact and came quite soon.
— Sue Overby
Posted January 16th 2020
The tech seemed to be in a hurry but we will see how it works
— John Lowry
Posted January 14th 2020
I called Edge at 4pm to tell them my baby girls room was flooded with ants and I expected them to tell me they’d be out in a week, they were there the next morning! Before 9am! Wow!!! Not only did they take care of my ant problem but they let me know if I still saw ants after a few hours to call them so they can get back out to try something different. I’m thoroughly impressed! As a new mom, I worry about ants since I don’t want them crawling on my baby. They also helped treat for my mouse problem in our crawl space. The man who came out was super patient with me and very respectful. I’d definitely recommend Edge! They treat you like a person, not just another number. Thank you to all the people who I’ve been in contact with so far at Edge. You guys are great!
— Erin Brito
Posted January 14th 2020
Jason gave the best service ever!!! Very thorough and thoughtful. I hope he is my regular service man.
— Carl Hansen
Posted January 13th 2020
On time, Gates relocked so animals didn't get out, left flyer to tell that they were here, called earlier that the appointment to confirm they were coming.
— Manya Frazier
Posted January 10th 2020
How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs

  • Bite Marks
    You may not notice bites right away or may attribute them to mosquitoes at first. They will usually appear in small groupings or a straight line in areas of the body that are exposed at night. Normally these little bites are the first sign that you have an infestation.
  • Where They Hide
    Bed bugs are more difficult to eliminate due to their ability to hide within fabrics, mattresses, clothing and withing walls. While they are most common in bedrooms, their ability to live for weeks to months after feeding allows them to move into adjacent rooms or apartments.
  • Don't Panic...Yet
    While bugs themselves are difficult to see and identify, if you do see one it may not be a bed bug. Bed bugs look almost identical to the harmless carpet beetle with tiny, flat oval bodies are about the size of an apple seed. A professional will be able to identify the subtle differences and behaviors of the two.
  • Clues Left Behind
    Shells or skins the bed bug has shed can be left behind and are good (but rare) indicators of infestation. A much much more common sign are red or brown smears on the bedding/fabric from blood and fecal matter from the bugs themselves.
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