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Cockroaches are known vectors of many serious diseases, most commonly Salmonella, E. Coli, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus. In addition, the droppings, shed skin and secretions of cockroaches can cause asthmatic reactions in some individuals. While walking through garbage and other excrement, cockroaches pick up germs (some disease-causing) on their feet and legs, which they can carry to vulnerable areas of your home-- such as your silverware drawer, countertops, cupboards and other areas where food is stored, prepared or eaten.

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We have performed more than 1.4 million services, but we still care about your service as much as our first.

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If you suspect that you have cockroaches, contact Edge. A cockroach exterminator in Portland will be on site within 24 hours and if we can't make it out in 24 hours, you are guaranteed to have us there within 48 hours. We are experts at identifying cockroaches and will effectively treat and remove them from your home and property. We use innovative insecticide with iCAP technology that is designed to stick to penetrate even the most hard to reach crevices and stick to a roach's waxy cuticle. We guarantee every aspect of our cockroach pest control service in Portland, let us help you reclaim your home from these disgusting pests.

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Cockroach prevention tips:

  • Keep dishes clean and out of sinks
  • Keep kitchen sinks, counters and cabinets clean
  • Keep pet food picked up sealed and away
  • Regularly sanitize surface and vacuum
  • Do not leave any food out in the open and seal all food containers
  • Remove indoor trash frequently

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So far this business has done great! We had a yellow jacket nest in ground and they killed and dug up nest. Also treated home for any possible pest problems.
— Annemarie Baklanov
Posted September 26th 2019
Much better than the previous service that I had.. very customer friendly!
— Ajay J
Posted September 23rd 2019
The person who came out was very informative taking his time with answers to my questions.
— Janet Tolopka
Posted September 23rd 2019
You found the nest in my parents home and they are very happy. Thanks so much
— Greg CryptoMAN
Posted September 21st 2019
I submitted an online contact request. I was contacted with 10 minutes. We were scheduled for the next day! Our provider arrived on the early side of our service window and was courteous and professional. He identified our pavement ants and thoroughly applied human/pet safe pesticide. We were pleased with the service and signed up for annual service. I highly recommend Edge! 9/20/19 update had our latest service and we are still highly impressed! Great technicians, product, application, and customer service!
— Stuart Ragnone
Posted September 21st 2019
Edge has done a great job for us. They will come back out if you continue to have any problems with pests. They are very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend them for your pest control needs. ๐Ÿ˜Š
— christy Ballou
Posted September 19th 2019
Arrived as per schedule. Service delivery was prompt with no disruption to our business.
— michael laharty
Posted September 18th 2019
Immediately responsive, very friendly/knowledgeable service provider.
— Allen Cress
Posted September 18th 2019
We have a big yard space. With Edge, they do a great job in keeping unwanted critters around the yard and the house.
— Pablo Clemena
Posted September 15th 2019
After using 2 other services, I found Edge! Yea! Not only are they the most professional service I have had the pleasure to use, they have totally ended my pest problems - including wasps. I am very happy with Edge and recommend them to everyone who asks what service I use. Keep up the great work Edge.
— Georgia Tiffany
Posted September 14th 2019
Techs are always very courteous and thorough
— cindy spak
Posted September 11th 2019
Very courteous technicians. I am very busy during the day, but appreciate the professional voicemail messages notifying me of that they are servicing and inspecting the traps at my home.
— Douglas Thomas
Posted September 10th 2019
Have used there services for a year now. Very happy with them. No longer have ant problems, and they take care of the wasps that we continually have quickly. (Wasps are a problem in the country.) I am very happy with their customer service, the men that come out are courteous and keep us in the loop on what they did even when we are not there.
— mercedes wilson
Posted September 8th 2019
good job!
— David James
Posted September 6th 2019
Weโ€™re able to come the very day I called for service. Courteous staff.
— Jeff Kuenle
Posted September 5th 2019
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