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We understand better than most what it means for a homeowner when they realize they have a possible ant invasion. The suspicion of an ant problem usually begins with the first sight of one or two of these six-legged insects carrying a cute little crumb on their back, and your suspicion is confirmed when you spot a trail of their friends marching through your kitchen. Realizing you have an ant infestation can send shivers down your spine, and leave you wondering if the invasion could ever truly be stopped. Edge has the formula and the technology to not only stop the current invasion, but our service plans are optimized and designed to ensure your ant problems do not return!

There are many different types of ants and ant pest control methods. Ants can be difficult to identify and sometimes even more difficult to get rid of without professional help. Some species have numerous queens, satellite colonies, or even sub colonies which can make the "do it yourself" route nearly impossible or even dangerous to remove these pests. We are QualityPro accredited with Associate Certified Entomologists (ACE) on staff to help identify the invasive ant species creeping through your home.

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Our Service specialists can apply Edge’s exterior foundation barrier to help prevent ants from even attempting to nest inside your home in addition to regular exterior pressurized treatment. Our ant exterminators can place a landscape barrier down and treat all of those transition areas where these pests are commonly found to achieve total and lasting ant removal results.

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